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Digger Work

Our digger hire services are flexible, reliable and competitively priced. As earthmoving experts, we understand diggers well and know what you’re looking for when you want high-quality digger services. When you choose Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks for digger work in the Tasman Bay area, you’ll get exceptional results done on time and within budget.

We can take care of residential, commercial and civil construction projects alike. If you would like to know more about our services and how they can help with your project, please contact our friendly team at 0277587609.

Digger Work

Our Digger Services

We provide specialist digger services to clients throughout the Tasman Bay region. Our professional results and commitment to high-quality customer service are why we continue to be one of the area’s most popular choices for digger work.

Our digger operators are highly experienced and skilled and use efficient, well-maintained machinery to provide excellent results on every project. So if you need residential or commercial property earthmoving or excavation work performed in the Tasman Bay region, get in touch. You can rest assured that your site will be in great hands when you choose the Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks team.

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Diggers for Retaining Walls

A well-built, attractive structure can add value to your property and make it more functional. Our experienced, skilled team will make your retaining wall project easy. You’ll get work completed to the highest possible standards of quality, on time and within your budget.

The Work We Do

When you choose us for digger services, you’ll get the best possible machines and skilled, experienced staff committed to ensuring that your earthworks experience is hassle-free.

With our modern machines and experienced operators, you’re sure to get great results for your project. 

Here are examples of the work our diggers and operators can perform for you: 

  • Building foundation work
  • Preparation and building of retaining walls
  • Swimming pool excavation
  • Roadworks, drainage and driveways
  • Land clearance
  • And much more!

Our fleet of diggers can even give your garden a fresh start. If you are looking to give your garden a complete refresh, extend your house or erect new structures like greenhouses or garden sheds, we can prepare the site for you. We’ll clear and level the land, removing weeds, branches and trees to get your property ready for the next stage of your project.

Please get in touch with the Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks team at 0277587609 if you want more information or a quote. We’ll be happy to help.

Diggers Working On The Farm

Diggers are a surprisingly versatile tool and excellent for a wide variety of farm work. They can perform everything a bulldozer can handle and much more. 

They are suited for cutting tracks, water tabling, installing culverts, cleaning out dams, cattle yards and even burying dead livestock. Unlike a bulldozer, they don’t cut up the ground, keeping it in better condition for the long term.

If you would like to learn more about what our diggers can do for your farm or request a quote for our services, get in touch with the Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks team at 0277587609. Whether you need to prepare your property for the next stage of a construction or landscaping project or just need it kept in good working condition, we’ll give you the results you’re after.

Hassle-Free Service, Great Results

When you choose experienced digger operators for construction or landscaping projects in the Tasman Bay area, you’ll get safe, professional, high-quality results.

We take the utmost pride in the work we do and will treat your property as carefully as though it were our own. With our expertise, equipment, and commitment to customer service, you’ll get results that exceed your expectations when you choose Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks.

Here are examples of the work our diggers can do:

Section Clearing

Our diggers will help you tidy out those unsightly, overgrown sections or construction sites. We can help you remove both organic and inorganic waste material from your property. Trees, hedges, gardening waste or construction debris – we can take care of it. We’ll leave your property clean and tidy.


If you need to remove, relocate or excavate large amounts of earth, you can turn to our expert digger operators and machinery. 

For instance, if you want to transport excavated earth to other parts of your property to use it for landscaping, prevent soil erosion, or for section refill, our diggers are perfect for the job. 

We can also help transport mulch [link to Mulching page] to other parts of your property, keeping your soil healthy and helping your plants and crops grow better. 

Landscaping and Levelling

Our team can also handle garden levelling, filling and shaping, including the preparation of retaining walls. We can shape, level, fill in or build up your lawns and gardens.

We’ll help bring your vision for your property to life. So whether you need to level ground, create better drainage or flatten a slope, the Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks team can make it happen.