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Land Clearing Process

Professional Land Clearing & Earthworks

About Us

We’ve been servicing the Tasman Bay region’s land development needs since 2017. With backgrounds across machine operating, truck driving, log harvesting and arboriculture, James and Nick bring their extensive skill sets together to complete even the most challenging jobs.

Our local, experienced team is fully qualified, insured, and has the knowledge and expertise necessary to complete all jobs to the highest standards of quality.

Land Clearing Process

Land Clearing Process

Whether you’re tending to a building site, a site that is overgrown or too steep to manage, if you require land clearing services in the Tasman Bay area, we have you sorted. Our skilled, experienced team provides a land clearing process that gives you the results you’re after through high-quality modern equipment and expert knowledge.

Farmers, lifestyle block owners, rural or residential – you can turn to us. Please contact the Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks team at 0277587609 for more information or to get a quote for our services.

Land Clearing Process

Land Clearing by Tasman Bay Land Clearing

James and Nick are here to work with landowners, roading contractors, local governments, property developers and more to transform plots of land into manageable sections. We’ll get your property ready for the next step in your project.

Our team has a heavy-duty fleet and equipment at our disposal, which is why we can take on even tougher, large-scale jobs. Where necessary, we also enlist the services of specialist contractors, such as cranes and helicopters. If you have land you need cleared or other earthwork services, we can take care of it.

Where possible, we recycle all materials felled on-site and leave them behind for your future use. If you’d prefer, we can also clear waste away, leaving your site ready for development.

Large commercial projects often require multiple contractors on site. When you choose us, you’re selecting a team that’s highly experienced working on sites with different contractors. We work closely with others to maximise efficiency and ensure that safety is maintained, helping your project proceed as smoothly as possible.

Our crews are trained to New Zealand’s forestry and arboriculture standards, so you can be sure that we’ll respect your site and property and carry out work of the highest quality possible. If you would like more information about land clearing services by Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks, you can get in touch with us at 0277587609.

Land Clearing Process

Why Use A Land Clearing Service?

Land clearing services are ideal if the vegetation on your site has grown out of control, access to the area is complicated, or you are working to a stringent timeline.

A solid base is also essential for any type of construction. By properly clearing a site before work begins, you will ensure that problematic materials and debris are removed. This will, in turn, make sure that the site is level for future work.

Land Clearing Process

What Does Land Clearing Involve?

The primary goal of land clearing involves removing trees, stumps and other obstacles entirely so that the land is clear for building work. This can be necessary for a range of construction projects, including developments, subdivisions, house extensions, and even just improving the aesthetics of a site.

Clearing overgrown land can involve extensive and complex jobs such as the complete removal of trees and remaining stumps. As a result, such work requires professionals with specialist equipment, training and experience.

If you are looking for a team with the skills, knowledge and ability to take care of land clearing work while ensuring that your site is properly looked after, turn to Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks.

Whether you’re clearing land to build a house or making way for a larger commercial build, or even an entire subdivision, it’s vital that you choose a team that will guarantee you high-quality earthmoving and land clearing work. Our team can offer innovative solutions for professional site clearing in the Tasman Bay area.

We work safely and take great care to protect the natural environment. That involves using high-quality, well-maintained equipment to get the best possible results and finish your job as efficiently as possible. We use our specialist knowledge and experience of the Tasman Bay area to provide you with exceptional land clearing services at a cost-effective price.

So if you are building a new home, developing a subdivision, or extending your property, turn to our team for services that will give you the results you need. We will get you prepared for the next stage of your construction project. To learn more about our services or request a quote, please contact the Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks team at 0277587609.

Land Clearing Process

What We Do

We offer an extensive range of landscaping, land clearing and excavation work in the Tasman Bay area. This includes:

  • Land Clearing Services
  • Fire Break Creation
  • Reclaiming Overgrown Land
  • Survey and Fence Line Clearing
  • Hedge and Shelterbelt Removal
  • Tree Cutting, Removal and Mulching
  • Stump Grinding and Removal
  • Landscaping
  • Rural and Farm Development
  • Scrub Clearing
  • Dairy Farm Conversion Work
  • Driveway Design and Construction
  • Unwanted Building Removal
  • Construction of Retaining Walls
  • And Much, Much More

Don’t see the land clearance services you need done on the list above? Chances are we can take care of them. To learn more or if you have any questions about our work, please get in touch at 0277587609.

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Our Services

Excavations, landscaping work, tree removal – we can handle all of these services and much, much more. If you own land and need to maintain it or prepare it for the next stage of development, you can turn to us to get the job done right. We’re committed to excellent service and great results – no exception.

Since 2017, we’ve been meeting the Tasman Bay area’s needs for land clearing and earthworks. With backgrounds across machine operating, truck driving, log harvesting and arboriculture, James and Nick have brought their skills together to complete jobs demanding extremely high difficulty and skill. 

We’re fully qualified, insured, and have the expert knowledge and experience to ensure that we do all your jobs to the highest standards of quality.