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Arborist Nelson & Tree Work in Tasman Bay

If you’re looking for an arborist in Nelson to take care of the trees on your property, you’ve come to the right place. When choosing arboricultural specialists, you must select qualified, fully insuranced professionals. If you use an uninsured cowboy arborist for work on your property, you could end up facing considerable costs if the tree then falls over, such as during a storm.

Here at Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks, our highly-trained, skilled Arborist Nelson team are arboricultural professionals and will get work done to the standards you expect. For more information or a quote, please get in touch with us at 0277587609.

Shaping, Trimming and Cutting Down Trees

Our team can handle a wide variety of tree work in a diverse range of situations. That spans everything from pruning smaller trees to entirely removing large, over-mature or dangerous trees.

Whether you need tree maintenance, hedge trimming or stump grinding services, you can rely on our team to transform the safety and aesthetics of your property.

Why Hire An Arborist in Nelson?

There are many reasons why you might need professional arborists, including handling diseased trees, reducing the risks of overgrown trees from falling onto and damaging your property, or trimming canopies that are blocking light or your neighbours’ views.

Arborist Nelson & Tree work

Here at Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks, our skilled arborists can help. We offer a wide range of services to ensure that your trees are in good health and do not pose potential risks to your property during storms. Our work includes:

Tree Removal

Whether your tree is dead or diseased, or you simply need to remove one to extend your property or develop part of your site, our team can help. 

Our expert arborists will use the latest techniques, equipment and detailed arboriculture knowledge to get rid of trees that are dying, dangerous, or ones that you just have no option but to remove safely. We’ll also be careful to prevent any damage to your gardens, fences, or cars in the process.

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Tree Trimming / Pruning

Pruning a tree can require a great degree of skill, especially in smaller residential sites. Your arborists need to carefully consider how to carry out their work while avoiding damage to surrounding buildings, water pipes, power lines and other vegetation.

At Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks, we have the equipment and techniques to trim trees while putting safety first. Our highly trained staff will carry out all work to the highest arboricultural standards.

Whether you need oversized trees brought down to size, prevent them from overhanging property boundaries or minimise risks during storms, our arborists can help. By trimming trees, you will also remove nesting sites for potential pests, allow more light to enter your property and reduce the risk of complaints from neighbours whose views have become blocked.

Branch Removal

If dangerous branches are overhanging your house, driveway or road and at risk of falling onto your property during heavy winds or storms, professional arborists can safely remove them.

We can help with problematic branches that might be blocking footpaths, obstructing views, or potential dangers when bad weather comes through. 

Assess Trees

You don’t always have to fell a problem tree. At Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks, our experienced team of arborists can assess the trees on your property and advise you on the next best step to take.

This consultation will involve assessing whether parts of your trees need to be removed, and if so, how much. If your tree belongs to a protected species, we can also advise you on what you are legally allowed to remove. Our arborists can also identify potential hazards and help you take care of them before they cause costly damage to people or property.

Hedge Care

It’s not just your trees we can look after. If you need the hedges on your property shaped, cut, trimmed, reduced or removed entirely, our expert arborists are up to the task.

We can also use our skills and specialist equipment to bring down shelterbelts that are too high to maintain to more manageable heights.

Stump Grinding

The stump that remains after removing a tree can take years to rot away. During this time, it can cause bacteria or fungus to grow, generate a hazard, or even begin to regrow, which will involve costly future care.

In addition, if you’re removing a tree to develop a site, you don’t want a large stump there taking up space. Our arborists can grind the remaining stump away, leaving your area ready for the next stage of planting, design, or future construction.

So if you need an arborist in the Tasman Bay area, just turn to Tasman Bay Land Clearing & Earthworks. Whether you need your trees or hedges trimmed, shaped, cut, removed, you can rely on us to get the job done right.